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Dec 23, 2019

“I am so much more optimistic than I have been in several years about the state of the profession and where we're headed. I think you find what you're looking for, right? If you want evidence that the learning profession is dying, you can go out and find it and find the conversations and the people who are thinking that. If you want evidence that learning and development is thriving, come and listen to Learning Uncut because we share stories every fortnight about learning professionals out there, taking the risks, doing good work, being really progressive. I think there's this re-imagining of learning in organisations, and it's definitely underway. I think it's amazing and very inspiring.”

The Learning Uncut team of Michelle Ockers, Karen Moloney and Amanda Ashby get together to review the stories they have published in 2019; their key insights and takeaways, emerging trends, podcast learnings and some big news about Learning Uncut 2020…

Hosts: Karen Moloney  Michelle Ockers  & Amanda Ashby

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Podcast information and more episodes: