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Jul 8, 2019

Over the past two years Spark NZ has embarked on an ambitious transformation of learning in order to build a ‘culture of performance.’ Their goal has been to ‘democratise knowledge’ and create a self-sustaining performance ecosystem.

We spoke with Kerry Peguero and Liv Wilson from the Learning Enablement Team about their innovative approach. Over two Learning Uncut episodes we discuss four core integrated elements. Here in Part 1 we cover user-generated content and the use of an ‘orienteering’ approach to induction that builds curiosity, resourcefulness and self-directed learning behaviours

Part 2 (Episode 31) pulls it together by looking at their performance-focussed accreditation program and the platform they developed in-house because there wasn’t an LMS on the market that could meet their needs. Listen to both to get the full picture of this contemporary approach that is shifting both how learning happens and the role of learning professionals in the organisation.


Hosts: Karen Moloney & Michelle Ockers

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Podcast information and more episodes: