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Jun 10, 2019

“It was a lot of experimenting and working out what is the best process.”

It’s been one year since the Learning Uncut podcast crew took the plunge and hit “publish” on their first episode.

In this edition, editor Amanda Ashby, along with hosts Karen Moloney and Michelle Ockers share how the podcast came to life, the process they have developed for producing a podcast as a virtual team, valuable lessons learned, the oddest places Learning Uncut has been recorded and lots more…

If you are interested taking a “behind-the-scenes” look at Learning Uncut or are thinking about starting your own podcast, this episode is jam-packed full of tips and resources you will want to dive into.

HostsKaren Moloney Michelle Ockers &  Amanda Ashby  

ProducerAmanda Ashby 


Learning Uncut Podcast Process Workflow & Tools We Use

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2: Nicole White – Podcasts for learning

4: Denise Meyerson – Rethinking learning for customer service

7: Emma Weber & Marie Daniels – Learning transfer bot

9: Danny Ginsberg and Hayley Steer – Creating a culture shift

10: Anne Bartlett-Bragg – Digital capabilities

18: Arun Pradhan – Developing continuous learning, the making of Learn2Learn

21: Nic Barry – Improving the onboarding experience

22: Megan Power – Running a video campaign with learning tactics

23: Alexandra Lederer – Creating a Rockstar L&D brand

24: Kim Sherwin – Building Capabilities with Communities of Practice

25: David Keegan – Shaping culture through coaching


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