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May 27, 2019

Introducing eLearning into an organisation is not an unusual thing these days. But doing it the way that Bethanie Aged Care did it is what resulted in a 98% completion rate of their compliance eLearning modules and won them several learning industry awards. In this episode, L&D Manager Danielle Phelan and L&D Consultant Christina Batten talk us through the strategy and approach they and their team used to create the Bethanie Learning Hub, which not only achieved its goal of providing core eLearning education to employees, it left them asking for more. 


HostsKaren Moloney & Michelle Ockers

ProducerAmanda Ashby 

GuestDanielle Phelan  and Christina Batten 


 Article - User centred design: an introduction  

 Article-  User centred design of learner management systems  

 Article - Learner centric design: engaging your learners an improving ROI 


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