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Jan 25, 2022

Emergent podcast hosts Michelle Ockers, Shannon Tipton and Laura Overton discuss key themes from Season 2: Emerging Stronger – Taking Bold Action.  In this season we explored the core strengths that L&D professionals need to take bold action. In the first five episodes of the season we spoke with five L&D professionals about the their experience of taking bold action, the core strengths they drew upon and how they developed these. In our final two episodes we drew on insights from organisational psychology and behavioural science to help make sense of the responses from previous guests. We discuss key themes in the areas of context, attitude, action and safety net. We hope that this episode arouses your curiosity and that you will join us in our February 2022 webinar ‘Playing to Win in 2022: Your Inner Game of L&D’ to identify where you are holding yourself back and give yourself permission to take bold action.

Host: Michelle Ockers

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