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Oct 11, 2021

A conversation between the Emergent Team – Michelle Ockers, Laura Overton and Shannon Tipton. We recap research insights from Emergent 2020 podcast series. These include five L&D ‘thinking habits’ and the four lenses that help L&D to emerge stronger. These insights were converted to practical action in the Emerging Stronger masterclass series.

We reflect on what both the participants learned and our own ‘aha’ moments and learning as the hosts and perennial ‘explorers’. The shifts we saw in our participant mindset and actions showed us that Emerging Stronger isn’t just about coming out of the pandemic more relevant and effective than ever. There is an evergreen opportunity for L&D professionals and teams to see themselves differently, think differently, make changes and take bolder action to increase their impact.

Stay tuned for an Emergent podcast mini-series in December 2021/January 2022 exploring what it takes to emerge stronger at an individual level. And keep an eye out for information about the next Emerging Stronger masterclass which starts in February 2022.

Host:  Michelle Ockers

Host: Michelle Ockers


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