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Sep 27, 2021

Since 2016 Royal Trinity Hospice has been exploring the use of Virtual Reality in palliative care in partnership with Flix VR. Leon Ancliffe from Flix VR and ex-CEO of Royal Trinity Hospice, Dallas Pounds, describe how they’ve used VR for a range of purposes from bucket list experiences for people nearing the end of life to giving staff exposure to challenging interpersonal situations as part of supported learning experiences. They share their experiences and tips for both learning professionals and business leaders to make the most of this rapidly maturing technology.

Host:  Michelle Ockers


  • Dallas Pounds LinkedIn profile GO TO RESOURCE
  • Leon Ancliffe LinkedIn profile GO TO RESOURCE
  • Royal Trinity Hospice website GO TO RESOURCE
  • Flix VR Website GO TO RESOURCE
  • Video of Sarah’s experience swimming with dolphins that got Leon started with VR GO TO RESOURCE
  • Prison service VR training (behind the scenes) from FlixVR: GO TO RESOURCE
  • Learning Uncut Episode 85 VR and AR Case Studies for L&D – Jeremy Dalton GO TO RESOURCE
  • The Potential of Personalized Virtual Reality in Palliative Care: A Feasibility Trial (as mentioned in episode by Dallas Pounds) GO TO RESOURCE

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