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Dec 14, 2020

In the final episode for 2020 long-time friend of Learning Uncut, Amanda Ashby, is back.  It’s been a big year with podcast downloads increasing from 20,000 to over 50,000.  This included the two special series, Disruption and Emergent. 

In this episode we look at the heartbeat of Learning Uncut – the regular fortnightly episodes featuring real stories from real learning professionals (and the occasional business leader).  We reflect on themes, insights, and favourite episodes.

Host:  Michelle Ockers

Guest: Amanda Ashby

 Emerging Stronger:

If you are an L&D professional who is in a place to make or influence change in your organization take a look at Emerging Stronger.  Emerging Stronger will help you to look at problems and opportunities in a fresh way in order to make change happen in your organisation and drive business value.

Brought to you by Learning Uncut Emergent Series co-hosts - Michelle Ockers, Laura Overton and Shannon Tipton.  We’ll be joined by experts from the podcast series to guide you through a hands-on experience with peers from other organisations to identify and take breakthrough actions. This masterclass series and ongoing community of peers will help lift your credibility and build the business reputation of L&D.


Here’s the shortlist of Amanda and Michelle’s favourite 2020 episodes

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