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Nov 30, 2020

Work, Connect and Learn is a collaborative work and learning initiative that was created and delivered at Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) over five years ago and was very progressive at the time.  It is an approach that is still highly relevant in 2020 as learning professionals seek to support people to connect, work and learn in a digital environment.  It serves as an example of how knowledge sharing can be used to reduce the risk of dependency on a small number of experts or ‘go to’ people in an organisation.  It also illustrates how social learning can be aligned to business strategy and goals.

Host:  Michelle Ockers

Guest: Helen Blunden


  • Activate Learning Solutions, Helen’s website
  • Curated collection of blog posts by Helen and Michelle – Community of Practice case study
  • Visual map of analysis of network interactions in CCA engineering and maintenance function – see this blog post
  • Assessing the Value of Online Interactions, an article by Jane Bozarth introduction the value creation model from Etienne Wenger, Beverly Traynor, and Maarten De Laat
  • A tribute video to Helen as a person who inspires me – made in 2016
  • Harold Jarche website (Harold who helped convince the CCA Engineering Manager to adopt a knowledge-sharing approach)
  • Learning Uncut Emergent episode with Harold Jarche on new structures for L&D teams -

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