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Apr 20, 2020

This is a bonus ‘What Happened Next’ episode where I speak with previous guests to follow up on the solution or body of work they discussed in their original episode.

Jem Mills and Bianca Zingus join us in this episode.  They are from Social Futures who are a community service organisation that run programs to bring about positive change in local communities.  In episode 13, published in November 2018, Jem Mills spoke about a co-created change management approach at Social Futures.  Bianca Zingus was a participant on the Change Conversationalists program featured in episode 13 and has since joined Jem’s Practice Excellence team.  Having been part of the original co-created change program, Bianca saw the opportunity to apply the process to improve a program that she was working on called Connecting Home. In a single day co-created change workshop 34 improvements were identified to the program.

This episode is an example of a change in ways of working being piloted or seeded and then advocates of the approach continuing to apply the new way of working to address other issues or opportunities in an organisation. 

Host:  Michelle Ockers

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