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Apr 13, 2020

To mark the milestone of Learning Uncut’s 50th episode three learning professionals at different points in their career join us to discuss the past, present and future of learning.  The concept for this discussion is to look out to 2050 (a play on it being our 50th episode) and consider what the world of work will look like then and how learning professionals can prepare now for the future.  Laura Overton, Amanda Ashby and Jelle Buiting explore what we can learn from the past 30 years, the challenges of the present, and how we should move forward.  While this episode was recorded prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the conclusions drawn about how to prepare for the future are highly relevant.  It’s time for the learning profession to come of age and play a more adult role in the world of business.

Host:  Michelle Ockers

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Podcast information and more episodes: