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Feb 3, 2020

Craig MacDonald is the Executive Manager of learning product at Suncorp, a financial institution.   Craig talks about the Future Ready programme, which aims to prepare people with the capabilities they need and that Suncorp needs for the future. The programme is part of a strategic workforce planning and talent management initiative, as well as being driven by a sense of social responsibility to ensure that their people have skills relevant for the future.  Craig discusses building the business case, partnering with others, how they piloted the program and what they learned and making the program scalable.

This rich story also covers, amongst other things, moving to a learning strategy with more self-directed continuous learning in the flow of work, curating learning pathways, and changes to the learning team role, structure, mindset and skillset. Craig touches on challenges and aspirations that many other learning professionals are grappling with.

Host:  Michelle Ockers

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