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May 13, 2019

Do you delete those boring broadcast emails from IT about software upgrades and intranet changes without reading them?  This was the challenge faced by the ICT team at University of Southern Queensland.  Inspired by entertaining 6 second ‘Vines,’ Sandra Lammas had the idea to create short attention-grabbing videos and weave in important information.  As she puts it “they come for the entertainment, but they leave with the message.” 

Sandra has been making and distributing these sub-120 second videos every week for four years.  She reassures us that it’s okay to be funny, even when the topic is serious.  This episode is jam-packed with practical tips on making videos, monitoring engagement and keeping it fresh.  Be sure to watch some of the Talk Nerdy videos linked in the shownotes and check out the detailed ‘how-to- resources that Sandra has provided. 

HostsKaren Moloney & Michelle Ockers

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